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The Inspirational Les Brown Story Will Change Your Life

Imagine this scenario…

Twin brothers are born in an abandoned building in the late 1950s.

At birth, they were given up for adoption, never knowing who their parents were. They were raised by a single mother on welfare during their entire childhood.

One of them struggled in school so bad he is held back twice from his brother. Eventually, this twin thinks he has a learning disability as a teacher tells him that he is EMR — educable mentally retarded.

How would you expect these twins to end up?

The one that was labeled EMR has gone on to become a top motivational speaker, author, and inspiration to millions of people. He overcame seemingly insurmountable odds to make it happen.

The speaker is known by millions as Les Brown. The Les Brown inspirational story will show you that anything possible.

Use these lessons from Les Brown’s incredible story to take your life to the next level.

1. Always Invest in Yourself

Les Brown attended many seminars, read tons of books, and listened to countless audio programs on his quest for greatness. He understood it was the key to his success, despite his friends and family doubting him. 

The same goes for your development. Make growing and learning a top priority in your life.

Start reading every day, listen to new podcasts and watch motivational videos to always be growing and developing. This type of content will affirm the belief that you can accomplish anything.

Learn from other people who are ahead of you to speed up success.

If you have no vision of yourself in the future, then you have nothing to live for. @FEARLESSMOTIVATIONOFFICIAL / LES BROWN This Les Brown Inspirational Story Will Change Your Life

2. Surround Yourself With Winners

Les frequently talks about the importance of surrounding yourself with positive, uplifting, and inspiring people. The five people you spend the most time with will influence your success and even your earnings. Choose them wisely.

If someone isn’t helping you they are hurting you. Audit your circle to set yourself up for success.

As Les Brown boldly said, “It’s necessary to get the losers out of your life if you want to live your dreams.”

When you decide to go after your dreams, you will inevitably have doubters. They might even be family and close friends.

Don’t let them weigh you down and choose to spend time with people who lift you up.

3. Understand That Only You Can Do it

You have to look for ways to make it happen. When everyone else thinks you’ll fail, you have to just keep going.

You have to make it your personal business to turn your dreams into reality.

4. Never Let Others Define You

After being labeled with EMR at a young age, Les began to believe it. Luckily, someone close to him reshaped his beliefs.

A high school teacher told him, “Someone’s opinion of you doesn’t have to become your reality.” From that moment on he never worried about what others thought.

With social media, it’s never been easier to worry about what others think of you. Don’t let others stop you from pursuing your dreams.

If you want to go back to school to get an education or start a business you can do it. Stop caring about what others think of you and commit to creating a life you love.

This Les Brown Inspirational Story Will Change Your Life Someone’s opinion of you doesn’t have to become your reality. @FEARLESSMOTIVATIONOFFICIAL / LES BROWN

5. You Can Live Your Dreams | Les Brown Story

If you are willing to take a chance and work hard you can live your dreams.

It won’t be easy. You will incur a lot of disappointment, failure, and defeats when you run toward your dream.

While setbacks can be frustrating to know that it’s part of the process. It’s supposed to be challenging or everyone would do it.

As Les Brown said, “Most people raise a family, earn a living, and then they die. But people who are running toward their dreams life has a special kind of meaning.”

Hopefully, this inspirational Les Brown story will help you not settle for mediocrity, choose to keep chasing after your dreams.

Like Les Brown said, “It’s possible that you can live your dreams! Don’t stop, don’t stop running toward your dreams!” 

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Why Every Successful Entrepreneur Has an Empowering Morning Routine 

It’s only when things get so bad that you realize you have to change. Some things have to be learned the hard way for them to truly make a difference in your life.

I found the importance of routines in 2017 as I left my cushy corporate job to follow my passions and become an entrepreneur.

As soon as I handed in my notice to quit, I finally had it. Freedom! No one telling me what to do all day, every day.

To help get me motivated, I listened to a lot of Gary Vee and started hustling. I was hungry for success.

But after six months of non-stop hustling, I was burnt out.

I wasn’t sleeping much, my income wasn’t reflecting my work ethic, and I just felt awful about my progress. I knew something had to change.

Thankfully, I started studying elite entrepreneurs like Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, and Tom Bilyeu. Their content changed everything.

One of the biggest things I found is that they all have solid morning and evening routines. Since implementing this myself, my business and life have been 100X better.

Here’s why every entrepreneur needs an empowering morning routine.

Morning Routines for Entrepreneurs

Why Every Successful Entrepreneur Has an Empowering Morning Routine  This is not another day this is Another chance. @FEARLESSMOTIVATIONOFFICIAL

You Need to Win At Something

Entrepreneurship is filled with disappointment, rejection and constant failure. After metaphorically getting knocked down so many times, it’s hard to feel like a winner still.

But a morning routine is there to help you win. As soon as I started a morning routine, I almost instantly felt better about myself.

Before it, my confidence was lacking. I felt like a massive failure despite working 12-14 hours a day. Jumping from one shiny object and tactic to the next without any real plan, day after day.

But, if you get up when you say, do the rituals you need, and do it with consistency, you can create a winning mentality.

You Need Energy

Without energy, you’re going to fail as an entrepreneur. Especially if you are the face of your brand or business.

Morning rituals are meant to give you energy so you can give it away throughout the day.  Like T. Harv Eker said, “Energy is contagious; either you affect people or you infect people.” 

If you have the right rituals in place like exercise, meditation, and eating healthy, you set yourself up for optimal energy levels.

Why Every Successful Entrepreneur Has an Empowering Morning Routine  Wake up with intent And Seize The Day. @FEARLESSMOTIVATIONOFFICIAL

You Need to Keep the Promises You Make to Yourself

As Ed Mylett said, “Entrepreneurship is riddled with false starts. One step forward, two or three steps back.”

Waking up on time, going through your rituals, and getting the day started on your terms builds self-integrity. Doing the little things right on a consistent basis can train your mind to follow through on the things you need to do to succeed.

You Need Time to Focus on Your Health

Its easy to feel like you don’t have time to workout or eat healthy when you’re an entrpenreur. You justify skipping the gym or meal prepping so you can spend more time on the business.

But you have to focus on your health so you have energy throughout the day. If you’re sick or have injuries, it’s nearly impossible to grow your business.

Two of my favorite entrepreneurs, Ed Mylett and Tom Bilyeu, talks about the importance of health regularly on their podcasts.

As Ed Mylett said, “I think you can take away about 90% of my wealth if I’m not dedicated to fitness.” 

Morning routines give you time to focus on your health and well being. If you look at most successful entrepreneurs in the world, they are always in good to to excellent shape.

You Need to Bookend The Day

 A great morning routine only works if you have a night time routine. And it only takes 10–15 minutes to do before bed.

If not, you’ll wake up not sure what your plan is and make it easy to get off track early. This creates an early “L” for the day.

Here’s what my evening routine looks like:

  • Journal at least three wins for the day (usually leads to 4 or 5) (2 mins)
  • Recap big lessons I’ve learned throughout the day (3 mins) 
  • Write down three things I’m grateful for on that specific day (3 mins) 
  • Plan the next day. I plan when I’ll wake up, what rituals I’ll do, identify the hardest tasks, and plan the rest of the day (5 mins) 
  • Read and visualize my big goals as already being accomplished (2 mins)

This short night time routine sets me up for success because it tells my mind it’s time to wind down. It makes you focus on your wins for the day and sets up tomorrow for success.

Then each morning is a fresh start to conquer the day. My routines provide the necessary structure I used to lack from trying to hustle 20 hours per day.

As Larry Winget said, “Nobody ever wrote down a plan to be fat, lazy or stupid. That’s what happens when you don’t have a plan.” 

You Need Quiet Moments

Entrepreneurships isn’t for everyone. It’s long hours, little pay, and lonely moments in the beginning. It’s easy to give into the fears that your brain produces and listen.

But if you have a morning mindfulness or meditation ritual, it makes it much easier to become aware of your thoughts the rest of the day.

Plus, I find to get almost all of my ideas when I wake up thanks to my subconsscious hard at work while I’m sleeping. As Thomas Edison said, “Never go to sleep without a request from your subconscious.” 

Each night, when I lay in bed, I ask myself one or two questions on a problem I haven’t been able to solve. But unless you have some quiet moments, you won’t be able to hear the answers to the questions.

Not to mention, meditation has endless benefits that will help any entrepreneur deal with inevitable stresses throughout the day.

You Need a Digital Detox

As a podcaster and writer, I’m in front of a screen way too much.

The first 60 minutes of the day the phone is in airplane mode. This digital detox is necessary because the rest of the day I’m sure you’ll be glued to your phone or laptop like I am.

Next Steps

Create a morning routine that will set you up for success. If you’re an entrepreneur, you’re going to need all the energy and brain activity you can to get turn your vision into reality.

Start small and find 1-2 rituals to do each morning. As you grow and evolve, so should your set of rituals.

Remember, as high-achiever Tim Ferriss said, “If you win the morning, you win the day.”

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This Is The Real Reason Tony Robbins Has Changed So Many Lives

Tony Robbins is the face of personal development.

His videos and seminars have helped millions of people better their lives.

While it’s easy to see someone like Tony Robbins achieving at high levels, the real reason he’s changed so many lives is because of his own transformation. He’s been able to push through adversity, several times in his own life, which has helped shape his character.

Today, he works with presidents, athletes, and celebrities worldwide. But it all started very differently..

The Inspirational Story of Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins was born in downtown Los Angeles in 1960. During his childhood, he never had a true father figure as his mother married several times. He received physical and verbal abuse from his mother as she battled with drugs and alcohol.

At one point, things were so bad at home that they didn’t have any food to eat for Thanksgiving. But a generous stranger delivered a turkey and food to their doorstep. Tony answered the door and his life has never been the same since.

Tony took this event to mean that strangers care, yet his entire life his family had told him otherwise. At the same time, his current father felt that he had failed his family and stormed out of the house, never to be seen again.

Tony took this act of kindness from a complete stranger to mean something. At 17 years old, he started doing the same.

He delivered turkey dinners to people who couldn’t afford it. Each year, he doubled the number of people he could help.

It was this point, he realized that he wanted to be rich so he could help people in need. He made his first million at age 24 and found worldwide success two years later as his book, Unlimited Power, launched him to mainstream success.

Since then, he’s modeled his entire life to help others. Whether he’s speaking on stages, writing best-selling books or traveling the world, Tony always acts out of service to help others.

The Tony Robbins Foundation feeds more than four million people around the holidays each year. His foundation also runs programs to help the homeless, encourage youth leadership, and provides his work to prisoners.

Here are three keys to living a fulfilled and abundant life from Tony..

3 Keys to Success From Tony Robbins

1. Focus on Progress | Real Reason Tony Robbins

Whether you are $30,000 in debt or worth $1 million dollars, people want to feel like they are progressing in life. Think about the last time you were frustrated or upset with where your life was.. you probably felt “stuck” right?

That is totally natural. Human beings want to make progress, regardless of where you are in life. Try to do something every single day that helps you progress towards your goals.

Don’t let your happiness depend on others, instead strive to make progress on yourself and your goals. This will allow you to be better at work, with relationships, friends, and increase your overall happiness.

This Is The Real Reason Tony Robbins Has Changed So Many Lives Progress equals happiness. @FEARLESSMOTIVATIONOFFICIAL / TONY ROBBINS

2. Use the 80/20 Rule For Success | Real Reason Tony Robbins

“Success in life is 80% psychology and 20% mechanics.” – Tony Robbins

If you’re unfamiliar with the 80/20 rule (known as the Pareto Principle), it basically says that for many events roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.

For example, 80% of your income is earned from 20% of the work that you actually do at work or in your business.

The same goes for success. Make sure that you focus on what moves the needle the most.

Often times it will be the most challenging but it will also give you the most benefits.

3. Grow So You Can Give | Real Reason Tony Robbins

“The secret to living is giving.” – Tony Robbins

Tony is a huge giver as someone once fed his family as a kid which changed his life forever. He now feeds millions of people each year through his foundations and other charitable efforts.

The biggest reason you should focus on growth is that once you grow, you can give back. The biggest philanthropists in the world are also the richest. Not only can you help contribute money but other resources and connections to help change more lives.

Remember, it doesn’t matter what you’ve gone through or where you came from. All that matters is that you keep going and focus on helping others as Tony did. You never know, you might help the next Tony Robbins with your act of kindness.

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