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This Is How You Can Disable Comments On WordPress Posts

Disable Comments On WordPress Posts

The comment feature of WordPress CMS makes it one of the ideal platform for blogging. However, not every post of your blog needs the comment feature and you can always choose to disable it.

The customization feature of WordPress is what all of us enjoy the most. In WordPress, we have the option to:

  • Disable comments on specific posts
  • Disable comments on specific pages
  • Disable comments on all the pages

Depending upon your requirement, you can pick either of it.

A practical situation that I’m experiencing these days is that some of the popular posts on ShoutMeLoud are getting a lot of comments. The problem is, only 1% of the comments are genuine on those posts. The rest of the comments are spams or blunt self-promotion. Anti-spam comment plugins like Akismet and WordPress Zero spam are doing a decent job, but it is not enough. That’s when I thought of disabling comments on a few specific WordPress blog posts.

In this tutorial, you will learn exactly how to do it and you can use it now or in the future as and when you need this.

Sounds good?

Here we go.

Removing comment box on specific WordPress posts or pages

You can deactivate comments on already published posts or even on the posts which you are about to publish. Just follow the steps below.

  • Login to your WordPress dashboard
  • Go to Edit section of posts or pages on which you want to deactivate comments
  • Search for discussion tab (usually it’s next to the post writing section but you can use the search feature of your browser to find the text “Discussion“)
  • Uncheck the box that says allow comments. It should look like the screenshot below:


Click on Update post and that’s about it. The comment box will be gone from the post/page.

Disabling comments on all of your WordPress website

If you wish to disable comments on your WordPress site temporarily or permanently, you can do that as well. This next tip will remove the comment feature from all of your WordPress blogs.

  • Go to Settings > Discussions in the WordPress dashboard
  • Under Default article settings, uncheck the option “Allow people to post comments on new articles


While you are on this page, there is one more setting that you should know about. You also have an option to disable comments on posts/pages which are older than “X” days.

On the same page, “Settings > Discussions“, you will see the option that says “Automatically close comments on articles older than“.

Simply define the number of days and this feature will enable you to close comment on all WordPress posts and pages which are older than the specified time.


Now, do not forget to save these settings by scrolling down the page and click on Save changes.

Conclusion: Deactivating comments on WordPress posts/Pages

There are so many features in WordPress which are hidden that you must learn and check out. You may stumble across some features as and when you troubleshoot. At times, reading more about WordPress will help you understand the possibilities it possesses.

For now, I hope this tutorial helped you understand the process of removing the comment box from specific WordPress posts/pages and also on an entire WordPress site. If you have any question related to this topic, feel free to ask in the comment section below. Only meaningful comments, please!

Also, here are a few hand-picked WordPress guides that you should read next to learn something new:

This Is How You Can Disable Comments On WordPress Posts is a post from ShoutMeLoud – Shouters Who Inspires

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Don’t Chase Money, Chase Your Purpose and Money Will Follow – Kerwin Rae

Don’t Chase Money, Chase Your Purpose and Money Will Follow – Kerwin Rae

Follow your purpose, add more value than anyone else and the money WILL follow you.

Don’t Chase Money, Chase Your Purpose and Money Will Follow – Kerwin Rae on YouTube:

Speaker is Kerwin Rae, entrepreneur, investor and international speaker.
Music “Universal Heart” by Fearless Motivation Instrumentals – Get it on iTunes, AppleMusic, GooglePlay, Spotify, AmazonMP3, Deezer or Worldwide MP3

Don’t Chase Money, Chase Your Purpose and Money Will Follow – Kerwin Rae – Transcript

“When you have the ability to raise people’s energy to a level where they feel better about themselves, they will break down doors, they will climb through windows, they will break through walls in order to spend time with you… all you need then is a billing system.”

It’s not how much money you make, it’s how you make your money. I’ve had businesses where I made millions of dollars, but I wasn’t doing what I loved so I wasn’t happy.
When I first got into business… when I first had the desire to get into business it was because I wanted to have money, because I grew up in an environment where I didn’t have a lot of money.

When I started making money for the first time all the voids that I thought I had as a result of the absence of money started to get filled. But what happened was the voids that were underlying, that were really there, the true insecurities, they started to become more apparent.

What I started to realize was the more money I made, the more insecure I was becoming because all I was doing was putting band aids on Chafed skin. I wasn’t actually going into, and fixing the real issues at heart.

I guess it comes down to defining what success means to you. 
In the early stages, to me, success was money oriented. And when I wasn’t in pursuit of money and I wasn’t making it, I used to question myself all the time. Am I really cut out to be successful?

But when I finally made that shift, when I finally understood that success is the pursuit of purpose,
success is the expression of purpose, and once you get to do that then you realize that no matter how you do it, you’re succeeding.

For me, once I made the transition from being money focused to being purpose focused, it was an quite an easy transition from there. From there it was more about developing a healthy relationship with failure.

To me your relationship to success is just as important as your relationship with failure. Because you know, success is one of those things depending on how you define it, that not everybody achieves on a consistent basis. 
They often assume that… Once I meet the one it will be amazing! But they keep on meeting all these people in between that don’t make them feel that way, because they don’t really have a relationship with what success is, because they’ve never really spent much time with success.

But one of the things that a lot of us do is we spend a lot of time with failure, because everybody fails, that’s how we grow, that’s how we learn, but what I find really curious is people’s relationship with failure.
What does failure mean to people. The thing most people they don’t realize that failure is nothing more than… a sign post. It’s a requirement to identify skills, knowledge and experience, gaps that need to be filled in order for it to achieve success.

But most people look at success in isolation of failure. Whereas for me, they’re one and the same, and if anything, the pursuit of success to me is the pursuit of failure intelligently. How do you pursue skills, knowledge and experience?

How do you pursue activities in a way that identify skills, knowledge and experience gaps in a way that gives you what is required so that you can get one step closer to your goal.

When most people fail, they look at it as something that is bad. They look at it as something that is wrong and don’t realize that failure is actually an essential ingredient in ordfer to succeed.
But it’s that relationship when people fail, what is their first instinct? What does it mean? Does it mean it’s a good thing? Does it mean it’s a bad thing? For me, being able to reframe failure in every moment regardless of the context of the situation, that’s critical.

I think it’s fair to say that regardless of your pursuit, you’re not going to get financial rewards in most cases, really solid financial rewards for at least the first 3-5 years.

For me that’s what the best piece of advice I’d give anyone is to pursue what you love.

Because if you’re pursuing money, your temperament, your mood, your feelings, will be governed by how much money people will give me in any moment and when you’re an entrepreneur, especially when you start out people don’t want to give you money.

For me, when you start to develop a relationship with what it is that you’re here to do, then the rewards… they come whether you are making money or not.
 So the more connected we are to purpose, the easier it is for us to express that potential.

Do what is it that we love and the rewards are in the activity, not in the consequence.

For me, a piece of advice I’d give on top of that is focus on the thing that as a natural consequence produces what it is that you’re looking for. When you focus on money…

What the behavioural science tells us people who focus on money are 8 times more likely to engage in deceit, deception, fault related behaviour because they’re focusing on money.

Whereas what I prefer to do is focus on the activity, which in my case is the purpose, the expression of purpose, done in a really sound and intelligent commercial way,
that as a natural consequence produce money. 
As a result I don’t have to focus on money, I just focus on delivering value in a commercially intelligent way and the money takes care of itself.

So, therefore, my decision making process is never compromised by someone waving a dollar bill in front of me. It’s always going to be governed by the things that are actually genuinely important to me because delivering value… when you deliver value in a commercial intelligent way you can’t help but make money.

It was Stuart Wilde who wrote the book ‘The trick to money is having some

“When you have the ability to raise people’s energy to a level where they feel better about themselves, they will break down doors, they will climb through windows, they will break through walls in order to spend time with you… all you need then is a billing system.”

keratin raeFilm by Etienne Rouleau

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What’s Hygge!? An Ancient Danish Tradition That’ll Boost Your Productivity

We all live in a challenging world. Lots of stress, political and social tension, and exhaustion are just a few things that make our lives overwhelming, along with the constant need to be productive at work.

There’s no surprise that modern people are looking for new lifestyle concepts that could make their lives less stressful and more meaningful.

Many of us are trapped in time. We need to think about the future, we must plan it and constantly analyze things that have already happened, and so we belong to the past.

Sometimes it’s hard to catch the present moment, enjoying your life at this point of time, no matter where you are and what you’re doing.

If you can relate to what’s been described, it means that you could benefit from a secret, that would make your everyday routine a little more comfortable and enjoyable.

The secret that you need is Hygge.

What is Hygge and How Can It Increase Your Productivity

Hygge What's Hygge!? An Ancient Danish Tradition That'll Boost Your Productivity

What Is Hygge?

Hygge (pronounced as “hoo-guh”) is a concept that was born in Denmark. A long rainy winter and a cold grey horizon is the typical Danish scene. Nevertheless, the Danish are also known as the happiest nation in the world. They needed to find a way out of depressing thoughts, and the solution turned out to be really simple: One needs to fill every moment with warmth and coziness.

Hygge isn’t a certain thing, it’s a feeling that puts you in a better mood. Think of chocolate, candles, a cozy blanket or your favorite sweater — it’s Hygge, and the Danish manage to create Hygge everywhere, even at work. In this case, Hygge can reduce your stress and make you more productive.

Hygge is sitting around the fireplace with your friends, drinking chocolate and talking about happy moments. Hygge is reading a favorite book and eating tasty food. This concept is all about enjoying life and making it comfortable and pleasant.

It’s about little conscious rituals that make you feel better regardless of what’s happening around you, in fact, you can create a warm and happy atmosphere everywhere. Given that we spend most of our lives working, we definitely need to add more Hygge to our corporate culture that suffers from never-ending stress.

You can increase your productivity by incorporating Hygge in your work. Of course, words like “cozy” or “warm” don’t sound like the first choice when describing the work environment, but let’s distance ourselves from the regular image of the workplace for a minute.

The truth is, you can easily bring Hygge to work, reducing stress, getting more motivation, and increasing productivity.

Hygge What's Hygge!? An Ancient Danish Tradition That'll Boost Your Productivity

How to Increase Your Productivity by Incorporating Hygge in Your Life

1. Declutter your desk

First of all, get rid of that mess on your desk. It’s hard to stay productive and focused when your desk is littered with countless papers and notes. Such an environment also causes stress. If you really need so many papers, try to be creative and find a place where you can store them neatly. The main thing is not to see a huge pile of papers that creates a feeling that your work is never going to end.

2. Create a cozy spot

Candles are the best, but if you work in an office, candles are usually not an option. It doesn’t mean that you cannot create a Hygge atmosphere in the office. Make sure you have a cup of tea or coffee and put on a cozy sweater.

If you’re allowed to listen to music, some music can greatly boost productivity & really get you ‘in the zone’.

Another great way to make your workplace more inspiring and peaceful is bringing in some greenery. A few plants will give you a sense of freshness and make you feel grounded.

3. Lighting matters

There’s nothing worse than working in an office without windows. According to a research conducted by Northwestern University in Chicago, workers in offices without windows have more problems with their physical and mental health. They also sleep an average of 46 minutes less at night. Their productivity decreases due to the daytime dysfunction, and their sleep is generally worse.

However, if you cannot find another office with a big and beautiful window, you can still choose better artificial lighting. Make sure your office is bright enough to keep you alert.

We would also suggest choosing warm light, which creates a cozy and calm atmosphere.

4. Make your breaks a Hygge time

Every time you enjoy your coffee break or lunch, it’s a great opportunity to get inspired by Hygge.

Many office workers don’t even leave their desks, eating their lunch while surfing the internet. Such breaks are not actually relaxing.

Try to dedicate this time to yourself and really enjoy your meal. A lunch break is also a great opportunity to talk to your coworkers. According to many studies, our social relationships are crucial for a sense of happiness.

Hygge involves a feeling of togetherness. If you’d rather text or email someone who’s sitting in the other corner of the room, try to talk personally instead and build a a feeling of comradery.

If you want to increase your productivity and to add a bit of happiness to your everyday routine, you need to consider bringing Hygge into your life and to your work.

Enjoy every moment of your life. Make it meaningful by adding the pleasurable little things that make you feel comfortable. And don’t forget: Happiness exists within you!

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