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4 Bizarre Goals to Help You Live a Greater Life

Perhaps you’re fed up with regular goals? Maybe a monthly income target, or an ideal weight size, just doesn’t get you motivated like it used to. Or perhaps you’re done with goals altogether? No matter how specific and measurable they are, it doesn’t seem to have much impact on whether you can achieve them.

Well, if that’s the case then I’ve got something that will prick your interest. My 4 bizarre goals will make you think more than traditional ones. They may seem strange at first but their implications are far reaching. Build your life around them, and you’ll find you’re inexplicably guided towards a stress free, meaningful and, probably, wealthy life.

Goal n#1: To Live your Life Be Loan Free

What are the implications of refusing to take out a loan? Does it mean you could never go to College or University, buy a home or start a business? It would certainly make it harder, but not impossible. Perhaps higher education would be beyond your reach but you could always defer until you had the necessary funds or work while at University. Buying a home would be a massive stretch. However, the necessity of having to set your sights higher when it came to earning an income, and being scrupulous in your saving or investments, would instill some positive life and financial practices. Without a loan, you’d be limited in the businesses you could start. However, these financial constraints would prevent a lot of the unnecessary wastage that goes hand in hand with the initial stages of starting a business. While these, undoubtedly, are difficult restrictions, let’s consider the positives of never taking out a loan. On leaving University, you can avoid the debt trap that chains so many people to working jobs they don’t enjoy. Instead, you can take your time, perhaps start your own business or work for free to gain experience. The home is yours. There’s no obligation to work a job you hate to maintain monthly mortgage payments. The pressure you face when starting your business is massively reduced. You have the freedom to learn from your mistakes rather than feeling like they might cause the end of your venture.

Goal n#2: To NEVER appear in a court room;

Jury service aside, sticking to this goal will save you a whole lot of money and misery. Clearly, you’ll want to avoid a court room on any criminal charges. However, for most people, this is an unlikely outcome. What’s more probable is that you might see the inside of a court room over a marriage breakdown or a minor dispute. Preventing yourself from being in this position is of the utmost importance. It’s easy to avoid minor disputes. Just don’t engage in the trivial. Remember the bigger picture for your life and rise above. Take the hit if necessary. In the long run, it’ll be worth it. It’s harder to predict the likely outcome of a relationship when changes like age, children, one person growing and the other not wanting to, can all upset the perfect harmony experienced at the start. This means that you must be very cautious when entering a matrimonial union. Perhaps you and your partner don’t need one. Your love doesn’t require society’s stamp of approval. If it does, then listen to your intuition. Is there a voice inside you, telling you there’s something wrong with the relationship? Do you have any doubts at all? If so, getting married is a huge risk when you consider the emotional trauma, huge loss of finances and time that can result from ending it in court.

Goal n#3: To be guided by your Conscience with EVERY Decision;

To Make this goal requires a deeper analysis of your life choices and decision making. At first glance, you may believe all your decisions are made in line with your conscience. What kind of a person would you be if they weren’t? But are they really? When was the last time you disagreed with something that was happening at work, either to yourself or another person, yet kept quiet for fear of losing your job or damaging your prospects at the company? Have you ever kept quiet about an issue in your relationship for fear of losing the person who’s treating you unfairly? Do you buy unethical products out of convenience or personal gain, knowing that the company is having a detrimental impact on the world? Listening and acting on your conscience isn’t just about abstaining from screwing people over. It’s about honoring the deeper wisdom that knows right from wrong and can, consequently, guide you to a greater life. Note that I said greater, not easier life. Undoubtedly, being guided by your conscience in every decision you make is going to lead you into conflict with those that don’t. However, it will give you peace of mind, the pride of being able to look at yourself in the mirror and the respect and love of other people that do.

Goal n#4: To Meditate Every Day of Your Life;

Don’t feel you must confine this practice to meditation only. I use this term because it’s the most recognizable. What’s important is having a daily spiritual/mindful practice that connects you with the deeper part of your being. Sure, getting into the habit of doing this can be a pain in the ass. You’d rather watch TV, do something supposedly more important like work on your business or just make a start to your day. However, the time you invest in this practice will bring you rewards that resting or being productive can’t match. You gain control over your thoughts through meditating daily. As a result, your susceptibility to fear, anxiety, minor worries and stress will diminish.

Furthermore, you develop the ability to focus your mind. This power will prove invaluable in achieving other life goals. Your mind can be your greatest friend or greatest enemy. While we’re conditioned to believe that our problems and successes lie outside ourselves, our minds are the true gatekeepers. Meditation teaches you this. What greater knowledge could you ask for? To know that you are the architect of your destiny is the most liberating realization you can experience

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